Main project objectives and outcomes

  • Creation of two cultural poles of European significance, one in Serres and one in Petrich which will create synergies and attract visitors from their neighbouring, national areas as well as from abroad.
  • The restoration of a listed building, of the Ottoman Period, which exists in a former Military camp near the center of Serres and a building which exists in a former military camp in the center of Petrich.
  • The creation of a Thematic Museum in Serres which will host the modern art collection of “Constantin Xenakis”.
  • The creation of a Multifaced Museum in Petrich which will host the collection of valuable archaeological, historical and other objects, from the current Historical Museum.
  • The application of an exemplary study in order to transform the Museum in Serres to a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB).
  • The application of provisions for creating Museum in Serres accessible in terms of physical (e.g wheelchair users) and sensory (e.g. blind people) accessibility.
  • The application of provisions concerning energy consumption of buildings and their accessibility in the Museum of Petrich.
  • Development of Thematic Exposition Documentation and Socialisation of the historical objects in the Museum of Petrich.
  • Promotion of cooperation among two near border cities, Serres and Petrich.
  • Valorisation of cultural heritage and promotion of tourism in the cross border area