Importance of CULTURAL DIPOLE for the cross-border area

  • The CULTURAL DIPOLE will enhance the attractiveness and tourist identity of Serres and Pertich. The annual number of tourists visiting the area is expected to increase, especially after the creation of the cultural parks.
  • The CULTURAL DIPOLE will benefit the local population of Serres and Petrich in economic and social terms.
  • The CULTURAL DIPOLE will be involved in major cultural events and will create synergies with other Museums of the broader national and international area.
  • New opportunities will be provided to the whole cross border area for further development and cooperation.
  • The Thematic Museum “Constantin Xenakis in Serres will be a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) and will be extensively disseminated.
  • The CULTURAL DIPOLE could be a transferable practice and concept for many other border cities and areas.
  • The long term vision of the project is the implementation of two cultural parks in Serres and Petrich which will act as a “Cultural Dipole” of European significance. The cultural parks will house significant collections and will actively promote art and cultural heritage in the cross border area.