Press Release: The artist Constantin Xenakis passed away

It is with great sorrow that we announce to our compatriots that the friend, great artist and donor of the city of Serres, Constantin Xenakis, has passed away, on Friday the 5th of June. The civil funeral will take place on Wednesday the 10th of June in the A’ cemetery of Athens.

For the SERREON POLITEIA Society, but also for all the citizens of Serres, he will continue to live in our hearts and in the Contemporary Art Museum “Constantin Xenakis”, which unfortunately did not manage to see and rejoice, completed.

Constantine was a Greek, born in Cairo, Egypt and had no origin relationship, with Serres, but he had a special mental connection with Alexander, Macedonia, and its history. This fact contributed catalytically in accepting our proposal for the creation of his Museum in a Macedonian city, in Serres.

The creation of the Museum is funded by the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Greece-Bulgaria and partly by the Municipality of Serres. During this summer, the restoration of the building and the surrounding area, will be completed. However, the assurance and disposal by the Municipality of Serres of some additional amount required, for the procurement of the equipment and the implementation of the museological-museographical study, is still pending.

The Contemporary Art Museum “Constantin Xenakis” will be unique in its kind and will enrich the city of Serres with a special cultural pole of attraction for the local community and the visitors of the city.

Thank you Constantine for your friendship, trust and generosity.

Our heartfelt condolences to your beloved daughter Lucia.

Let the soil of the Attic land that will cover you be light.


President                                                                              General Secretary

Aristotelis Naniopoulos                                                    Elisabeth Moysiadou